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Notice of Application for Participation

Information and Registration for the JIMM 2024 Autumn Meeting

The JIMM 2024 Autumn Meeting will be held at Osaka University, Toyonaka Campus from Wednesday, September 18 to Friday, September 20.
The Poster session for High school students and College of Technology students (High School Students Poster Session) will be held at Osaka University on Wednesday, September 18 and online on Wednesday, September 25. (You can choose either date.)
To register for the meeting, please visit our website. All applications must be submitted online. For more details, please refer to the application guidelines below.

Date and Venue (The meeting on site will last for three days)

Date and Time Event Venue
September 18

Opening and Awards Ceremony
Poster Session,High School Students Poster Session
Symposium Sessions
Osaka University, Toyonaka Campus
Under consideration
September 19
Oral Presentation Sessions Osaka University, Toyonaka Campus
September 20
Oral Presentation Sessions
September 25
High School Students Poster Session Online(zoom)

Registration Categories

1) Early Bird Registration
Application period : May 27, 2024 - August 30, 2024
Website URL:
Payment methods: credit card, convenience store payment, bank transfer

2) Late and On-site Registration
Application period September 6, 2024 – September 25, 2024
Website URL:
Payment methods: credit card, convenience store payment, bank transfer

3) Cross auditing with ISIJ (On-site application only)
Application period: September 18 (Wed.) - 20(Fri.), 2024
Website URL:
Payment method: Credit card only

Registration fee (includes abstracts download)

Qualifications Early Bird Registration
Before Aug.30, 2024
Late and On-site Registration
After September 6, 2024
JIMM’s Regular member 10,000 Yen 13,000 Yen
JIMM’s Regular member
65 years of age or older as on March 1, 2024***
Fee waived Fee waived
JIMM’s Student member**** 6,000 Yen 7,000 Yen
Non-member (Non-student)***** 24,000 Yen 27,000 Yen
Non-member (Student)***** 14,000 Yen 16,000 Yen

 1) No refunds will be made for cancellations after payment has been made.
2) Please download and print out the receipt from the application page (Annual Meeting MyPage) after the payment is completed.
3) Note to regular members 65 years old and over: Please be sure to register your date of birth in the membership information data before registering to attend the meeting. If you do not register your date of birth in your membership information, you will be charged.
4) Student Member: If your membership type is different from the registered membership type due to a change in graduation year or higher education, etc., please change your membership type before registering to attend the meeting. If you have exceeded the graduation year registered in your membership information, you are automatically become a regular member.
5) Non-member applicants will receive a one-year membership. However, the privilege will not be duplicated.

Please refer to the following for details on how to participate and download abstracts.

◆Payment Methods

 Credit cards and convenience store payment and bank transfer can be used as payment methods for early bird registration. However, only credit card payment is accepted for late and on-site registration.

◆Certificate of Participation

 Please print out a "Certificate of Participation" from the "Annual Meeting MyPage" and bring it with you into the venue on the day of participation (no need to check in at the reception desk).
If you have a "Certificate of Participation Case with a strap bearing the logo of JIMM", please bring it with you. If you need a case, it will be distributed at the registration desk.

◆View and download abstracts

 - Location: Meeting Website (login required)
- Date of release:Wednesday, September 4, 2024 (two weeks before the conference)
   (Please complete patent-related procedures before the release date.)
- Login: Login ID and password are required.
 1)For early Bird registrants:
  ID and password for login will be delivered to those who have already paid the registration fee on the day the outline is released.
 2)For late and On-site applicants:
  The "registration number" and "password" indicated in the e-mail notification of receipt of application are your ID and password for login.

◆Cross auditing with ISIJ

 Non-JIMM members who have attended the ISIJ Meeting can attend the JIMM Meeting with the cross auditing fee of 6,000 Yen.
How to apply
After receiving your participation card at the ISIJ registration desk on the day of the meeting, complete the application and payment at the JIMM website for cross auditing, and present the completed payment screen and your ISIJ participation card to the JIMM reception desk. After confirmation, "Cross auditing" will be stamped on the ISIJ participation card.
ISIJ's cross auditing is available only in advance; after completing the registration for the JIMM conference, please apply and pay for the cross auditing at the ISIJ's cross auditing application website.


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